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How to Implement the Healthy Schools Approach

How do I begin the Healthy School Approach?

1. Establish a Healthy School Team

  • Educate the school about the Healthy Schools approach
  • Gain commitment from the school community
  • Recruit members for the committee: administrators, teachers, parents, and students

2. Identify strengths, needs, and interests of your school community

  • Survey parents, students and teachers/staff
  • Establish a vision and prioritize issues

3. Develop, carry out, and monitor an action plan

  • Choose activities to address priority issues using the Foundations for a Healthy School
  • Formulate an action plan
  • Promote activities to school community
  • Implement activities from the action plan
  • Monitor activities, revise, and update as needed

4. Evaluate and celebrate achievements

  • Review and evaluate activities
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Plan for the next year

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