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Guelph Line (Regional Road 1) Transportation Corridor Improvements

QEW to 100m South of McDowell Road including Harvester Road and Queensway Drive/Glenwood School Drive approaches to Guelph Line

Status: Ongoing.

Consultant: IBI Group

Study Level: Schedule B

Purpose: To consider options for road improvements along the Guelph Line corridor.

Scope:  Halton Region will consider a number of improvements through this corridor. The study will identify and evaluate a variety of reconstruction and intersection improvement alternatives that will satisfy future travel demands. Potential improvements include a combination of intersection and entrance modifications, corridor improvements (including provisions for cyclists), and traffic signal control upgrades. The impact of road improvements on social, cultural, economic and natural environments will also be looked at during the study.

Key Recommendations: Pending study completion

Regional Contact:

Study Documents

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