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Excavation, Road Occupancy and Municipal Consent Permits

An Excavation Permit allows contractors or builders to excavate within the boundaries of a Regional Road. If you work on a regional road or 50 meters from a R.R. you require a permit.

Application Process:

  1. It is preferable that you to apply via email, by sending us your info in PDF format.
    Please allow at least 30 working days for your Permit application review.

    Where to Submit the Application

    The permit application must be submitted directly to:

    Public Works Counter
    The Regional Municipality of Halton
    1151 Bronte Road, Oakville, ON L6M 3L1 (view map External link)
    Phone: 905-825-6032

    Please provide:

    1. A cover letter with all your contact information, including an email address.
    2. If applicable, indicate the Regional project number or development number.
    3. A written description of your proposed work.
    4. Your traffic control plan.
    5. Your drawings. All must be clear and legible, and show all details of your proposal such as construction, details, site plan, etc...
    6. Certificate of liability insurance.
      • Sum of no less than $5 million.
      • Naming the Region of Halton as an additional insured.
  2. The Application will be routed to Regional Transportation Department. When approved, it will be returned to the Service Permits Group for issuance.
  3. Municipal Consent Permits (MC’s) are provided to Local Utilities at no charge, and will be emailed directly to the Applicant.

    Excavation or Occupancy Permit Applicants will be contacted in order to schedule a day and time for you to physically come to the Permits counter to make payment and create your Permit.

    If no damage to Regional roads or property is identified in the final inspection, the security deposit (if any) will be refunded to you.