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Small Volume Water Connection Service

New online pre-payment system

A new online pre-payment system and keypad terminal has replaced Halton’s Smart Card payment and reader system. Please click here to set up a new online account or access your existing Flowpoint account. For more information, call 311.


The Nipissing Road coin-operated bulk water station closed permanently on May 31, 2018.

For authorized access of the Small Volume
Water Service Connections
Register Now

Residents who need access to potable (drinking) water through Halton's small volume service connections must register before doing so.

Water provided through the small volume connection is available on a first-come first-serve basis. Halton's bulk water stations operate around the clock.


The following bulk water stations have been fitted with small volume connections:

  • 3089 Harrison Court Burlington, ON. view mapExternal Link
  • Until further notice, the small volume water connection at 1499 Guelph Line is out of service. Please visit the small volume connection at 3089 Harrison Court, Burlington. view mapExternal Link


How to register:

If you do not register your usage is unauthorized and prohibited.

If you require larger volumes of water please call a bulk water hauling service.


The small volume service is provided free of charge. No Access Card is required.

Site Safety

During cold weather ice may accumulate around the containment area due to water purging from the connection. Please use the salt provided in the bins for de-icing.

Report any damages to Access Halton at 905-825-6000.

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