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Health & Wellness

Health is more than the absence of disease. To achieve a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease, you need to care for your physical, mental, oral health and more. The pages in this section give you the information and resources you need to help you look after yourself and your loved ones through health promotion, health protection, and disease prevention.
  • Diseases & Infections
    Information and resources for various types of diseases and infections for the general public.
  • Immunization (Vaccines/ Shots/ Needles)
    Immunizations protect you and those around you against disease. The Health Department provides a variety of immunization services.
  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC)
    Information and resources that will aid in the prevention of disease. This section targets long-term care homes, child care settings, schools, personal service settings (tattoo parlours, piercings, spas and salons) and government facilities.
  • Dental Health
    Information about oral health for people of all ages and people with special needs.
  • Mental Health
    We provide Mental Health Assessments, Counselling, Referrals and Consultation for children, teens, parents, adults, seniors, caregivers and professionals.
  • Drugs, Alcohol & Tobacco
    Description and risks of drugs and drug use.
  • Physical Activity
    Description and benefits of physical activity.
  • Nutrition
    Information, links and resources about healthy eating and nutrition for adults, youth, babies and children, health professionals and educators.
  • Sexual Health
    Providing people, schools, and community agencies in Halton with information and resources about a variety of sexual health topics.
  • New Family Physicians in Halton Accepting Patients
    Current listing of Physician's in Halton that are accepting new patients.
  • Healthy Weights
    Health Department programming, Healthy Weights: Halton Takes Action Initiative and related documents
  • Falls and Injury Prevention
    Information about preventing falls and injuries in babies/toddlers, children/tweens, teens and older adults.