Garbage Tag Program

Garbage bags 3 untagged, 3 tagged.
  • Maximum of 6 garbage bags/cans: 3 untagged plus 3 tagged
  • Garbage is collected every other week

Did You Know?

95% of households already place 3 garbage bags or less? That means most residents won’t need to participate in the Garbage Tag program.

How the Program Works

  • You may place 3 untagged garbage bags/cans or less at the curb every other week.
  • You may place up to 3 additional garbage bags/cans with a garbage tag for a total of 6 bags/can maximum (3 untagged plus 3 tagged).
  • Garbage tags cost $2 per tag (5 tags per sheet)
  • Garbage tags do not expire. No refunds on purchased and/or unused garbage tags.
  • Get more information about garbage collection, including weight and size restrictions.

How to Get Garbage Tags

There are 3 ways that you may purchase tags:

  1. At select retail locations or municipal buildings.
  2. Online: Tags will be mailed to you.
  3. Dial 311: Tags will be mailed to you.

How to Use Garbage Tags

Watch the video for to for tips on how to properly tag your garbage.


  • No refunds on purchased and/or used garbage tags.
  • Garbage tags are single use and cannot be permanently attached to a garbage can or lid.
  • Garbage tags cannot be used:
    • to dispose of garbage at the Halton Waste Management Site or private waste transfer stations.
    • for bulk waste materials.
    • in Halton Hills collections areas 1 or 2, as these areas do not receive garbage collection.
  • Garbage tags are not required in apartment buildings or townhouse complexes with common pile garbage collection.
  • Exemptions and special circumstances