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Immunization - Physician Information

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How to order a vaccine

How to report an adverse event following immunization

Immunization Resources


Continuing Immunization Education for physicians

CME opportunities: Immunization competencies for health professionals (external link)

Reducing vaccine injection pain in children

Seasonal Influenza Immunization Information

School Vaccine Programs: HPV, Hepatitis B and Meningococcal-C-ACYW-135 

Click here for more information on Immunizations for School Aged Children.

What to do if a student missed/or cannot receive the vaccine at school?

  • Students are encouraged to get their HPV, Hepatitis B and Meningococcal-C-ACYW-135 immunizations at school. Parents must complete consent forms and return them to their school.
  • If the student missed the immunization clinic at their school, they may receive it at one of our Community Clinics – please go to or call 311 to book an appointment.
  • In the event a student has exceptional circumstances and cannot be vaccinated at school or through a community clinic, vaccine can be released to physicians by special order through vaccine depot.

Vaccine Exemptions

For medical and non-medical (statement of conscience or religious belief) exemption forms please click here.