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Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC) - Physician Information

Cues for referral:

  • Prenatal clients and families with:
    • health and mental health challenges
    • lack of social supports
    • financial and other stressors impacting pregnancy or family
    • pregnancy or birth complications impacting child development
    • teen pregnancy

What is Healthy Babies Healthy Children (HBHC)?

  • Universal screening at birth for risk identification (expectant and new families that have children less than 4 years of age i.e., transition to school)
  • Provision of information to all new parents regarding local help and support programs
  • A home-visiting program targeted to vulnerable Halton residents to support healthy child development delivered locally by the Health Department in partnership with hospitals, physicians, nurses, midwives and other social service providers

What service does HBHC offer:

  • Public health nurse and family home visitor support
  • Service coordination and case management
  • Referrals to community services and programs to support healthy child development

Why is HBHC important?

  • Ensures access to consistent, effective early intervention services
  • Responds to research that shows:
    • screening tools can effectively identify families and children at risk
    • certain interventions such as home visiting, service coordination and referrals to appropriate services can build family strengths and support healthy child development

Role of a physician in HBHC:

  • Refer or encourage prenatal patients or families to self-refer by calling 311
  • Talk to your patient and ask for signed consent to communicate with the HBHC team
  • Participate in family service coordination meetings