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You Can Make It Happen

Make a difference in helping your clients quit smoking

    We’re asking members of our local Community of Practice to complete an online survey to help identify opportunities to improve tobacco cessation and intervention services.

The majority of people who use tobacco want to quit. There is strong evidence that Health Care Providers can make a difference in helping their clients quit. You Can Make It Happen External Link



  • about tobacco use at every opportunity
    • e.g. Have you used any form of tobacco in the last 6 months?
    • e.g. How many cigarettes do you smoke?
    • Have you ever considered stopping?


  • all tobacco users to quit
    • e.g. As your health care provider, the most important advice I can give you is to quit smoking


  • all tobacco users readiness to quit
    • e.g. Are you ready to make a quit attempt at this time?


  • all tobacco users in quitting
    • Provide basic information about smoking and successful stopping
    • Discuss strategies to quit and treatment options
    • Build motivation, set a quit date, assist patient to identify social supports.


  • follow-up or referral
    • Support use of telephone counselling or community/public health programs
    • For telephone counselling/online support: SmokersHelpline.caExternal Link or call 1-877-513-5333
    • ResourcesExternal Link available in our community to support cessation
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