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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) & Wireless Communication Technology

Most Canadians are exposed to EMF energy on a daily basis. Extremely low frequency and intermediate frequency EMFs are emitted by:

  • Household wiring
  • Electrical appliances and tools
  • Computer monitors
  • Television sets
  • Power transmission lines

Low-level radiofrequency (RF) fields are emitted by:

  • Cellular phones
  • Base towers
  • Conventional television
  • Radio signals
  • Home cordless phones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Microwave ovens
  • Wireless internet technology (Wi-Fi)

RF's and Human Health

Increased use of wireless technology has increased concerns regarding the safety of RF exposure and human health. Please visit the links below for statements released by Health Canada and the Chief Medical Officer of Health on the safety of Wi-Fi:

Additional EMF Energy and Wi-Fi Resources: