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Physician Appreciation Week 2014

11th Physician Appreciation Week: April 28 -  May 2, 2014

What is Physician Appreciation Week?

  • Halton Region and local hospitals take this week to recognize physicians for your contribution to our community.
  • Physicians help to make Halton a great, safe and healthy place to live. Thank you for making such an incredible difference, each and every day.
  • May 1st is also the 4th Doctors’ Day in Ontario!

What Halton patients are saying:

"I love my doctor. No fuss, no muss, knows his stuff. Also very "calming" when I had some very serious physical issues and took the initiative to get me to the right specialist immediately to ensure I did not suffer more than necessary... I would recommend him highly."
"I wouldn’t be alive today if not for my physician."
"Nice to have an opportunity to thank our Halton doctors. Our Family Doctor…has treated our family, and words cannot express what a wonderful family Doctor we have! He always takes time, no matter how busy the office is, to hear you out and treat your problem. I cannot tell you how grateful we are to have him!"
"I will never forget my family doctor’s quick and immediate response to our daughter’s symptoms. She saw us the same day I called her office, diagnosed her on the spot, and sent us to emergency to deal with our daughter’s life threatening condition. We have a great family doctor and a wonderful team of medical specialists behind us each and every step of the way."
"A year and a half ago I was faced with a significant illness that required hospitalization. My family physician…was incredible throughout the entire process and was able to get me in to see several specialists very quickly and followed up with me repeatedly. I credit [my doctor’s] quick, caring response and prompt referral for my ultimate recovery. I can't thank her enough!"
"There are some things that one just takes for granted, and for me one of those things was having had the same GP for over 20 years. Someone who embodied a holistic approach to both physical and mental health, was always readily available to listen, to talk, to discuss and as a last resort out came the prescription pad...Sadly I did not fully appreciate what I had until he retired... Fast forward more than a few years…and I can only say ... I now have what I thought was lost, a genuine GP! Whether it has been agreeing to disagree over the recommended pill of the day, having a rather intimidating scalpel to lance an infected finger and remove a splinter, stubbornly overruling my indignation, protests, and being sent off to ER complete with flashing lights, or having the continuity of care via the walk-in clinic - What is there not to appreciate!"

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