Child Care

Research shows that the quality of the interactions a child experiences in the first few years can produce developmental effects that last a lifetime. That is why the first thing that you should look at when searching for care is the relationship that the caregiver develops with your child.

What types of care are available?

Licensed Child Care Programs and Nursery Schools

Home Child Care Providers with a licensed agency

Unlicensed Home Child Care Providers
  • Unlicensed 
  • Up to 5 children in their home plus their own children 
  • May be involved in Neighbourhood Home Provider Networks
  • May be a member of the The Halton Resource Connection External Link
  • Not licensed with the Ministry of Education
  • Nannies can be arranged through an agency or privately.
  • This option requires research and investigation through the yellow pages or by visiting the classifieds in your local newspaper.
  • The checklist as well as the agency will help you in your search and decision making.