North Halton Mental Health Clinics

Our Vision
“We envision a caring community in which people affected by mental illness have full access to resources to achieve wellness and a meaningful quality of life”

Our Values
“We respect personal growth, dignity and the right to mental health care”

The North Halton Mental Health Clinic is part of the Halton Region Health Department and is funded by both the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Halton Region. There is no fee for service.

What services does the North Halton Mental Health Clinic provide?

  • Community-based psychiatric assessment, treatment, counselling and case management for clients and their family members
  • Help with understanding and managing medication
  • Concurrent disorder treatment/groups (Health and Hope partner)
  • Linkages to other health services and community supports
  • Clinical support for people living with a mental illness who are at risk for homelessness (HOMES Program partner)
  • Clinical assessment and treatment for people experiencing, or at risk for experiencing, a first episode psychosis (Phoenix Program partner)
  • Psychiatric consultation services to family doctors for children and youth under the age of 18 and to their families who live in North Halton (North Halton Child and Youth Psychiatry Program partner).
  • Staff include:
    • psychiatrists
    • nurse therapists
    • social workers
    • community support workers
    • family specialists

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Am I eligible for these services?

You can ask your doctor to make a referral on your behalf if you:

  • Are 16 years of age or older (17 and under for the child and youth psychiatry program)
  • Live in the North Halton area (Milton, Georgetown or Acton).
  • Have a mental health concern that you would like help with, such as:
    • depression
    • bi-polar disorder
    • schizophrenia
    • panic/anxiety disorder
    • concurrent disorder
    • have concerns regarding a psychosis

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How can I access these services?

  • The first step is to discuss your concerns regarding your mental health with your family doctor. If you both feel that our services would be helpful, your doctor should make a referral to us on your behalf. You can print out the Client Referral Form (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)69KB) to take to your doctor to complete and fax to us.
  • If you do not have a doctor you can call us directly.
  • If you know someone who you believe could benefit from our services, please recommend that they visit their doctor first to discuss their concerns. Participation in our services is voluntary and we can only process referrals with the knowledge and consent of the person being referred.

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Are your services confidential?

  • All our services are confidential. We do not share any information about individuals receiving our services without their consent.
  • Exceptions to this are made if our records are subpoenaed to court, if staff are ordered to disclose information in court, if there is a serious concern that you may harm yourself or someone else, or if the participant’s caregiver has power of attorney.
  • For further information on your right to confidentiality, please contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner at 416-326-3333.

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Where in North Halton are these services located?

  • The North Halton Mental Health Clinic has sites in downtown Milton, Georgetown and Acton.
  • Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Evening and early morning appointments are also available.


  • Milton (wheelchair accessible)
    217 Main Street East view mapExternal Link
    Milton, ON L9T 1N9
    Tel: 905-693-4240
    Toll free: 1-866-442-5866 ext. 4240
    Fax: 905-693-0596
  • Georgetown (wheelchair accessible)
    280 Guelph Street view map External Link
    Georgetown, Ontario L7G 4B1 
    Tel: 905-693-4240, ext. 8402
    Fax: 905-877-4776
    • We've moved! The Sexual Health Clinic in Georgetown has moved to 280 Guelph Street.
      Hours and services remains the same.
  • Acton (wheelchair accessible)
    19 Willow Street North view map External Link

    Acton, Ontario, L7J 1Z6

    Tel: 519-853-9741
    Fax: 519-853-8827

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We are a program partner of the Halton Region Health Department

We collaborate closely with a variety of organizations across Halton, some of which include but are not limited to the following Halton Agencies: 

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