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Educators - Health and Wellness Information

Eye See...Eye Learn

Vision program for junior kindergarten students

Checking children's eyesight early is important to ensure they reaches their full learning potential!

Through this program, parents can book a free appointment for their child with one of the many participating optometrists. Learn more

Halton Region wants to support principles, teachers, school office staff and any others working in the school environment with research-based information and resources to help promote healthy schools and healthy choices by children and youth.

  • School Health
    Central resource with numerous pages of resources and information to support promoting healthier learning environments.
  • Physical Activity
    Targeted information about services, programs, teaching supports and community resources.
  • Nutrition
    Programs, services and resources, including how to consult with a Registered Dietitian.
  • Health Resource Database
    Searching tool for resources you can order that are produced or distributed by the Health Department and other public health organizations.
  • Special Events - Public Health Requirements
    Food safety requirements and guidelines for events open to the public.
  • Waste Management
    Workshops, tours, and information about the education and outreach programs for schools related to waste management.
  • School Tour Program
    Information about our grade five school tour program and how to book at tour.
  • Air Quality & Climate Change Tools for Schools
    Tools for Schools is a one-stop-shop to help teachers and students access air quality and climate change data and resources.