Recycling & Waste

The Halton Region Guide & Waste Collection Calendar (February 2015 – March 2016) will be available online before the holidays and will be mailed to single-family homes starting January 2015.

Holiday Waste Collection Changes
There is no household waste collection on Christmas Day (Thursday, December 25) and New Year’s Day (Thursday, January 1). Due to the holidays, household waste collection will take place the day after your regular collection day. Visit the waste collection calendar for an updated schedule.

Halton Waste Management Site Closure
The Halton Waste Management site will be closed on Christmas Day (Thursday, December 25) and New Year’s Day (Thursday, January 1). Please view our operating hours to plan your next visit.

Garbage Tag Exemption
Your first garbage collection day after Christmas Day (Thursday, December 25) will not require garbage tags; however, the 6 garbage bag/can limit applies. Use the Halton Waste Collection Calendar for your collection schedule.

Christmas Tree Collection
Christmas tree collection will take place twice in January (urban areas only). Use the Halton Waste Collection Calendar to find your Christmas tree collection day.

Not sure if it goes in the Blue Box or GreenCart? Learn what goes where
We have lots of waste collection options to us keep waste out of the landfill. Learn if your waste goes in the Blue Box, Green Cart, Yard Waste or somewhere else by using the Put Waste in its Place tool. Just type in what you want to throw away and we’ll tell you where it goes.

Windy Days

Windy Days
Read these tips to help reduce litter on windy day. More information.

Halton Yard Waste Collection Bag

Yard Waste Collection
Yard waste is collected once every other week, on the same day as garbage in urban areas. More information.


Recycling in any Language 
Halton has translated its popular Blue Box and GreenCart acceptable materials (PDF file)  flyer into the top five non-English languages spoken in Halton.

Blue Box and GreenCart: French (PDF file), Spanish (PDF file), Polish (PDF file), Punjabi (PDF file)Simplified Chinese (PDF file)