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Tree By-Law

Current Status

Halton Tree By-law 121-05 (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 32KB) came into effect on January 1, 2006. The Tree By-law applies to two types of land and property owners. The first group is those whose property contains all or part of a woodland that is greater than 0.5 hectares (1.1 acres) in size. The second group is those whose property is partially or entirely within the Regional Greenlands system.

Applying for a Permit under the Halton Tree By-law

There are two types of permits under the by-law:

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Guidelines and Resources

A convenient Guide to Halton Region's Tree By-law (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 722KB) provides answers to some of the most common questions that you may have. It also provides sources of information about good forestry practices and about potential tax incentives for practicing good forestry.

The following Guidelines serve as a reference to assist in the interpretation of "Good Forestry Practices" and "Normal Farm Practices" as they are defined in the By-law. They do not form an official part of the By-law and should be read in conjunction with the full provisions of By-law 121-05.

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Halton's previous by-law Tree Cutting By-law 79-83 (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 328KB) expired at the end of 2005 in accordance with The Municipal Act, 2001.

In June 2003, Regional Council authorized, as one of the Directions in the Official Plan Review, the preparation of a new Regional Tree By-law through a Working Group of Regional and Local staff, the agricultural community and other interest groups. Extensive consultation took place through Working Group meetings and public meetings over more than two years.

Additional information related to development of the Halton Tree By-law is available through Report PPW120-05 By-Law to Restrict and Regulate the Destruction of Trees (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 4.5MB).

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