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What are the benefits to aerating?

  • Aerating your lawn allows a better flow of water, air and vital nutrients to the plant roots, making it easier for them to grow.
  • This does not, however, apply to soil types containing sand.

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When should I aerate my lawn?

  • Aeration is best done in late summer and early fall with topdressing and/or overseeding .
  • Do not roll your lawn in spring as this may increase compaction problems.
  • Your Naturally Green Calendar ( Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 3MB) is a guide to the best times to perform lawn maintenance activities.

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Signs that you need to aerate your lawn

  • Ground is hard and compacted.
  • Thatch is building up.
  • Water does not penetrate well.
  • Weeds such as prostrate knotweed and clover are present.

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Types of mechanical aerators

  • A core machine that removes small plugs of thatch and soil (preferred).
  • Solid-tined machine that drives spikes into the ground to create holes.

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