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Depending on the type of grass, vigorously growing lawns will fill in areas that have been thinned by insects or other types of damage. However, if bare patches do not fill in quickly, weeds may set in.

What are the benefits to overseeding?

  • Overseeding increases the biodiversity of your lawn by incorporating many species of grass, which increases the resilience of your lawn against pests and disease.
  • Regularly spreading grass seed on your lawn will ensure that it remains dense.

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When should I overseed?

  • Overseeding is best done in late summer to early fall.
  • Your Naturally Green Calendar (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)3MB) is a guide to the best times to perform lawn maintenance activities.

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Tips for overseeding

  • Topdressing with finished compost or weed-free topsoil can be done at the same time.
  • Use the proper type of grass seed for lawns in shady areas.
  • Desirable grass seed mixes include perennial ryegrass, fine fescues, and White Clover.

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