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Stomatitis/Mucositis (Inflammation of the mouth)

Image of a mouth being checked for inflammation.

What is stomatitis/mucositis?

  • The inside of the mouth may appear red, inflamed and may bleed.
  • This condition occurs when mucosal cells which make up the special tissue that line the mouth break down and cause pain or a burning sensation.

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What causes inflammation of the mouth?

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How can I prevent stomatitis/mucositis?

In addition to daily dental care tips for natural teeth or daily dental care tips for dentures :

  • Continue to keep the affected area free of debris, as bacteria in dental plaque will extend the amount of time it will take to recover.
  • Consult a dentist for medications and a treatment plan for the inflammation.
  • Use prescribed medications until finished.
  • Consult a dental professional prior to undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.
  • More frequent professional dental visits may be required.

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What are common oral health problems that occur as a result of stomatitis/mucositis?

  • Difficulty Swallowing - the irritated tissues can make it difficult to eat and swallow. Avoid hot spicy or acidic foods, hard crunchy foods, and tobacco and/or alcohol products.
  • Dry mouth - some medications, as well as radiation and chemotherapy can make the mouth very dry. Use moisturizing products available in a pharmacy to ease the dryness.

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