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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a disease, which is known as cavities or caries. It is a preventable disease and it affects most people in their lifetime.

What causes tooth decay?

  • Bacteria (germs) collect in the mouth every day. If the bacteria are not removed thoroughly they form a sticky, colourless film called plaque, which attaches to the teeth.
  • If teeth are not brushed after sugary foods are eaten, the sugars and the plaque combine to form acid, which weakens tooth enamel (the outside part of the tooth).
  • Constant snacking on sugary and starchy foods exposes teeth to continual acid production and eventually tooth decay.

What happens when a tooth has a cavity?

  • You may get a tooth ache and /or an abscess (a build up of pus)
  • Your tooth may break
  • You might loose your tooth
  • The amount of money you have to spend to treat the tooth increases with the size of the cavity.

How can I prevent tooth decay?