Free Urgent Dental Care for Youth

As of January 1, 2016, dental health financial assistance programs for children/youth 17 years and under will be combined into the new Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO) Program. For more information, please visit

If you have any questions or your child has an urgent dental need, please dial 311.

If your teeth hurt, we can help. Free urgent dental care is available to youth in need. If you are not covered by dental insurance and can’t afford treatment, you can apply to receive free dental care in Halton, or across Ontario.

The program is funded through the Province’s Children in Need of Treatment (CINOT) program and administered here in Halton by the Region’s Health Department.

Do I quality for free dental care?

To qualify you must:

  • Be an Ontario Resident and have a valid Ontario Health Card Number (OHCN).
    Note: children/youth of “visa students” are not considered to be residents of Ontario.
  • Be 17 years of age and under. All children from 0-17 years of age can apply to the CINOT program to see if they qualify.
  • Have a dental condition requiring emergency or essential care.
  • Not have dental insurance or other form of coverage (e.g., social assistance).
  • Your parents cannot have ANY type of dental insurance.

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What kind of treatment can I get under this program?

A girl holding a polaroid photo up to her cheek.Emergency or urgent dental care can be provided for those who qualify, such as:

  • emergency extractions
  • fillings (last bullet refers to sedation)
  • preventive dental care including cleaning and fluoride treatment
  • dental health support and information
  • out-of-hospital anaesthetic coverage for children/youth prior to their 18th birthday

Note: This is NOT a dental insurance plan. It is designed to provide treatment for current dental needs only, not ongoing care .

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My parents have some dental insurance, but it doesn’t cover all treatment. Can I still qualify?

  • No. This program is not available to those who have any type of dental insurance. This program is not dental insurance.

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teenager with a popsicle taped to his cheek

How do I apply for free dental care?

  1. You will need to get an assessment of your dental need by the Health Department. The assessment is by appointment only.
  2. To make an appointment, call Halton Region.
  3. If you qualify you will be given a form to sign stating you have no dental coverage and a few days later you will receive a dental claim form from Halton Region in the mail.

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Where are the clinics located?

  • We have clinics throughout Halton: Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and Oakville.
  • When you call to make an appointment, the Dental Case Worker will let you know which clinic is the closest one to you

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If I receive financial assistance, can I use any dentist?

  • Yes, you can go to any dentist you’d like in Ontario (inside and outside of Region of Halton).
  • However, each dentist decides whether or not he/she will participate in the program. To find out if your dentist participates, call them and ask if they accept clients under the Children in Need of Treatment (CINOT) program.

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I’m not from Halton, can I still get financial assistance?

  • Yes, this program is available to anyone who lives in Ontario.
  • Contact your local public health department to set up your assessment.

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Where can I get more information?

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