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Mental Health in Elementary Schools

  • Normal behaviour or mental health concern?
  • When to seek help
  • Promoting positive mental health at school
  • Healthy minds
  • Mental health problems are emotional, behavioural and brain-related disturbances that interfere with development, personal relationships, and functioning in daily life. Intervention is needed when changes persist and interfere with the child’s development and progress at school.

    • School staff are often the first to notice a mental health problem
    • Teachers play a key role in early identification & connecting children to support
    • Early intervention can minimize further disruptions in the child’s school work and social emotional development
    • Working together with families will promote treatment and recovery for children and youth with mental health disorders

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    Normal behaviour or mental health concern?

    Watch these videos:

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    When to seek help

    Parents and teachers should seek help when a child/student shows these signs:

    • not interested in school and/or school avoidance
    • worrying constantly
    • lacking energy or motivation
    • declining school performance
    • having difficulty managing their emotions
    • disconnected from friends, family and activities they used to enjoy
    • having difficulty making and keeping friends
    • hitting or bullying other children
    • thoughts of suicide or self-harm

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    Promoting positive mental health at school

    Schools are an optimal setting to:

    • identify students in need
    • build pathways to care
    • develop student social-emotional skills and resilience
    • prevent mental health problems in high risk groups
    • promote positive mental health and well-being for all students
    • reduce stigma

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    Visit for information on building a healthy school community.

    Healthy minds

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