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Family Visitors

The Family Visitor Service offered by Halton HBHC is a support service for expectant parents and families with children up to age three. Families are matched with a family visitor who provides regular support and encouragement in the home.

Who are family visitors?

  • Family Visitors are peer mentors trained in child development.
  • They support parents and families, together with the professional public health nurse or developmental counsellor.
  • Family visitors have received training in child development, parenting, and supporting families.
  • They are caring women with many unique talents, varied educational backgrounds and life experiences.
  • Family visitors are guided and supported in their work with families by professional coordinators such as public health nurses.

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What do family visitors do?

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Can I have a family visitor?

  • You may qualify for a family visitor anytime during the growth of your family: before your baby is born, after your baby is born or later on.
  • A professional such as a public health nurse will assess your family’s needs and let you know if you qualify for the Family Visitor program through HBHC.
  • Families eligible for the program will receive on-going support from a service coordinator and a family visitor.