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NOT TO KIDS! is a provincial program that is supported and promoted at a local level by Halton Region's Health Department in partnership with retailers, school boards and the community.

What is the goal of NOT TO KIDS!?

  • NOT TO KIDS! is a comprehensive program that is helping to decrease youth access to tobacco by reminding both retailers and the community that it is against the law to sell or supply tobacco to anyone under 19. This in turn will contribute towards reducing youth smoking rates.
  • More information about  tobacco sales to minors in Halton.

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What are the activities of NOT TO KIDS!

  • Health Department staff meet with tobacco retailers to educate them about the requirements under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act .
  • Health Department staff work with local school boards to educate staff, students and parents about the Smoke-Free Ontario Act in relation to the selling and supplying of tobacco to anyone under the age of 19.
  • Media campaigns are implemented to encourage the community at large to take action to prevent the social supply of tobacco to youth. As efforts to limit access to tobacco through retailers begins to show success, social sources through peers, family, and strangers remains an issue that requires community action.

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What do retailers learn as part of the program?

  • Tobacco retailers receive resources and an operations manual that help them comply with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.
  • The operations manual includes information about:
    • Smoke-Free Ontario Act
    • Operator responsibilities
    • Signs that must be posted
    • Tips for spotting false identification cards

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Where can I get more information about NOT TO KIDS! and other tobacco use prevention programs in Halton?

  • Visit the provincial NOT TO KIDS! External Link website to get more information about Not to Kids.

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