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Tobacco Sales to Minors

Witness a sale to a minor?

Report it by calling the Halton Region Health Department at 311 or (905) 825-6000

Tobacco Enforcement Officers (TEOs) from Halton Region Health Department monitor retail establishments that sell tobacco products to ensure tobacco products are not sold to anyone under the age of 19:

How does the Health department monitor tobacco sales to Minors?

  • The Health Department monitors the sales of tobacco products to minors by conducting routine tobacco test shopping.

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What is tobacco test shopping?

  • Tobacco test shopping is the use of underage test shoppers, under the direct supervision of a Tobacco Enforcement Officer, to visit each tobacco retailer in Halton several times and attempt to purchase tobacco products. If a sale is made the tobacco vendor is warned or charged.

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How do retailers learn about their responsibilities under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act? (SFOA)

  • Health department staff conducts a minimum of two tobacco retailer inspections each year.
  • Education and educational materials are provided to all retailers such as Not To Kids binders and various Fact Sheets (external link).
  • On-line SFOA vendor training and testing module to help retailers understand the requirements under the SFOA are also available on the Smoke-Free Ontario website (external link)

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What were the 2014 tobacco test shopping results for Halton Vendors?

  • In 2014, 1.3% of all tobacco retailers in Halton sold tobacco to a youth test shopper compared to 2.45% in 2013.
  • In 2014, 9 warnings were issued and 3 charges laid under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act (external link) for retailer sales to minors.

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