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The Active and Safe Routes to School Pilot Project with the Halton District School Board

The Health Department has worked closely with the HDSB on a pilot project with 8 of their schools across the Region.

The purpose of this project was to evaluate whether the Active and Safe Routes to School Program can help to positively affect child health by:

  • Mitigating parent vehicular traffic at the school site (less car pedestrian clashes)
  • Increase air quality at the school site (due to less car emissions)
  • Create safe walking routes to school (proper infrastructure in place along with traffic calming devices)
  • Increase the physical activity levels of youth by having them walk, bike or wheel (roller blades, skateboards, scooters) to school instead of being driven in their parent's car

This pilot project was managed by the Halton Region Health Department, guided by the ASRTS Steering Committee, and supported and implemented by the Halton District School Board (HDSB). The Health Department’s Epidemiology team conducted an outcome evaluation to determine if the pilot project’s goals and objectives were achieved.

  • Implementation Plan Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)301KB
  • Poster for Parents Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)135KB
  • Poster for Kids Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)449KB
  • Walkabout Results Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)337KB
    Part of the ASRTS pilot project involved schools planning walking routes to school. Once a route was chosen, a walkabout was held to assess the route for infrastructure and safety. Municipal traffic engineers, school staff, students, parents, Councillors, Halton Regional Police and Regional staff participated in the walkabouts and helped to generate action plans for improvement. This report highlights the walkabouts and action plans for each of the eight pilot schools.

Post implementation, a report (Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)630KB) was written which provides pilot project results along with recommendations on how to best implement the program region-wide (all schools).

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