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Physical Activity Information for Health Professionals

What services does the Halton Region Health Department offer to health professionals?

  • Consultations to provide health professionals with information about current best practices in physical activity
  • Provision of key physical activity resources
  • Collaboration with community groups and volunteers interested in promoting physical activity (i.e.: the Active Halton (HALNet))

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What ‘common messages’ does the Halton Region Health Department promote?

  • Halton Region Health Department developed  common messages to assist their public health professionals when communicating about physical activity.

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What is Halton Region doing about physical activity and the built environment?

To encourage citizens to rely on their car less and choose walking and cycling more often, the neighbourhood and communities in which they live, work and play must support these active modes of travel. Well-designed, compact communities where people can walk to school and work, to stores, parks and restaurants significantly reduce the need to drive.

Halton Region is beginning to develop a blueprint for building sustainable and healthy communities for generations to come. This initiative is called Sustainable Halton . This plan will help the Region meet provincial requirements of both the Greenbelt and Growth Plans, and assist in developing Halton's next official plan.

The Health Department prepared a background paper to support the Sustainable Halton process.

The Health Department also participates in a project called walkON   External Link , which is a partnership that works together to support the development of walkable communities.

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What community groups does Halton Region Health Department work with to promote physical activity?

  • Our Kids Network   External Link
    Our Kids Network represents Halton's commitment to the healthy development and well being of all children in our community from prenatal to adolescences. Our Kids Network is focused on the whole child from infancy to the teen years. Our partners are committed to finding new ways to bring needed services to children and their families’ right in their own neighbourhood to make sure ALL Children Thrive!

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What physical activity resources are promoted by Halton Region Health Department?

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