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Needle Exchange - Exchange Works

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Exchange Works is Halton's Needle Exchange Program. As part of this program, outreach workers and public health nurses operate a mobile outreach service in Halton where they exchange used needles for new clean needles, provide health information to clients, distribute condoms, and make referrals to drug and alcohol treatment centres.

What is the purpose of a needle exchange program?

Needle exchange programs help to reduce the spread of  HIV/AIDS and other blood-borne illnesses, such as  hepatitis B and  hepatitis C among intravenous drug and  steroid injection users by providing clean needles to injection drug users.

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How do needle exchange programs make a difference in our community?

  • Needle exchange programs help by modifying many risk related practices of injection drug users such as reusing and sharing needles.
  • The program is also important because it controls the unsafe disposal of needles in the community (e.g., playgrounds, washrooms) and reduces the risk of blood-borne infections.
  • Research shows that needle exchange programs are most effective in areas where there is a low incidence of drug use and the spread of disease is relatively low.

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What services are provided by Exchange Works?

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How can I access needle exchange services in Halton?

You can access Halton's needle exchange program by contacting our mobile outreach service or visiting one of the Health Department's  Sexual Health clinic locations in Halton.

Mobile Outreach Services
905-330-3305  (For clients living in North Halton call 905-702-4200)
Tuesday - Thursday: 6 - 10 p.m.
Fridays: 3 - 7 p.m.

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Exchange Works Resources:

The Health Department has a number of pamphlets about the needle exchange program that can be accessed and ordered by visiting our online resource database:

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