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Relationships can be fun and exciting and they can also be a time of high emotion and sometimes they can be down right confusing. All relationships are an important part of everyone’s life.

They can help you grow as a person and become more aware of your own likes and dislikes. People often have a lot of questions when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships, talking about sexual activity, and deciding how to break up with someone.

  • Healthy Relationships
    A brief overview of what a healthy relationship is and how to keep it that way.
  • Communication & Decision-Making
    Effective communication is key to a healthy relationship; find out ways to improve communication and learn about making decisions.
  • What about Sexual Activity?
    Thinking about becoming sexually active? Here are some things to think about, tips for talking to your partner, and information about saying no.
  • Infatuation versus love
    What is love anyway? Find out if you are infatuated or in love.
  • Assertiveness
    Discusses the importance of being assertive and provides tips on how to be more assertive.
  • When a Relationship is not Working
    Words of advice on identifying when it is time to end a relationship and tips on doing so.

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