Rain Barrel Truckload Sales

Halton’s 2017 Rain Barrel Sales are now complete.
Please check back in the spring for 2018 sale dates.

Assembly and installation instructions are included with your rain barrel and are available online (external link).


  • Colour – Sandstone, to blend in with house and garden
  • 240 litre capacity
  • Approximately 23” diameter and 38” high –fits in back-seat of average vehicle such as a Toyota Corolla. Weighs approximately 24 lbs. empty.
  • Secure, built-in mosquito/debris screen
  • Convenient hose attachment with open/close valve for easy dispensing
  • Non-removable childe-safe lid.
  • 2 metre-long overflow hose to direct overflow rain away from house.
  • Made from durable, heavy duty plastic, including recycled content.
  • Ability to connect to adjacent rain barrels.
  • Minimal assembly required (attach overflow hose and dispensing hose using simple clamps provided).

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Top View of Rain Barrel- Downspout not included

How to Adapt Your Downspout

Residents are responsible for adapting their own downspout. There are two options: Option A is to install a downspout diverter, available at some hardware stores. Option B is to direct your entire downspout into the rain barrel. Installation instructions are included with the purchase of the rain barrel and are available online (external link). A general description is provided here.

  1. Using a hack saw, cut off lower portion of the downspout (above the elbow) just above the height of the rain barrel.
  2. Re-attach downspout elbow a few inches above the top of the rain barrel, to allow the rain water to empty onto the top of the rain barrel.
  3. Securely position rain barrel beneath open end of downspout elbow.
  4. Wait for rain!

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