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Food Recalls and Allergy Alerts

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) (external link), the Government of Canada’s regulator for food safety, animal health and plant protection, issues a public warning when they become aware of a food product that poses a serious health risk to consumers. These are known as Health Hazard Alerts (external link).

In addition to Health Hazard Alerts, the CFIA provides Allergy Alerts (external link). The public is warned that the affected product may contain an ingredient which is not declared on the label. This is important for people with food allergies. Food allergies must always be taken seriously, as they can result in death in some cases.

The food industry is responsible for producing safe food, but sometimes situations occur they may pose a health risk, and it becomes necessary to have food products removed from use. When this happens, the CFIA responds quickly and effectively.

Being informed about food recalls is helpful, practical and in some cases, can be life saving!

The Halton Region Health Department recommends that you sign up for the CFIA’s free e-mail “Food Recalls/Allergy Alerts” subscription (external link) to receive information about foods being recalled.