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What is Dinewise ?

In Halton, the Dinewise program is a mandatory food safety program for food premises. The main focus of the program is on providing consumers with a way to find out whether or not the restaurant they are eating in, meets standards for food safety as set out by the Ontario Government.

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What are the requirements of the program?

The program has 2 requirements:

  1. Post a Certificate of Inspection
    All food premises must post a Certificate of Inspection in a location visible to patrons within their establishments.

    The certificate informs patrons that Summary Inspection Reports are available for viewing upon request.
  2. Provide Summary Inspection Reports upon request
    All food premises must provide the Summary Inspection Reports to patrons when requested.

A copy of the bylaw can be found here: 90-09 A By-Law to Regulate Disclosure of Food Safety Inspection Reports to the PublicAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 127KB

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What is a Certificate of Inspection?

The certificate makes patrons aware that Summary Inspection Reports are available for viewing upon request. 

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What is the Summary Inspection Report?

A Summary Inspection Report outlines whether a food premise has met basic food safety standards as required by provincial legislation. A Summary Inspection Report is located at all establishments. You can ask the manager at the establishment to see their Summary Inspection Report. Posting of Summary Inspection Reports are now available on our website. Search through our Directory of Food Premises.

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How is the program being implemented?

The new food premises now included in Dinewise will be phased in between August 1, 2009 and August 1, 2010. During that time, public health inspectors will be conducting their regular inspections and providing information about the program. Summary Inspection Reports will be completed during these inspections. Posting of Summary Inspection Reports will also be phased in over the next 12 months. Please check back regularly for updates. Search the Directory of Restaurants for inspection reports.

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