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Only Tap Water Delivers

Halton Region consistently monitors your water to make sure that it's safe and available 24/7.

We carefully treat water to remove any potentially harmful contaminants. We disinfect water to make sure it's safe when it reaches your faucet. We also maintain an elaborate underground network of pipes to get it there.

We deliver more than water. We deliver:

Wave of water.

Faucet with high quality drinking water pouring out.

Public Health

An estimated 3 million people die every year from preventable waterborne disease. Water systems in North America allow us to drink from virtually any public tap with a high assurance of safety.

  • A safe water supply is critical to protecting public health. Without modern water systems diseases such as cholera and dysentery would be part of everyday life.
  • Halton's water supplies are tested every day.
  • Halton Region has performed better than the required Ontario Drinking Water Standards.
  • Halton Region staff are highly qualified, licensed and dedicated to delivering safe drinking water. 
UN Focuses on safe water in 'Water for Life' decade
  • Underscoring public health value of a safe water supply, the United Nations had dubbed 2005-2015 the 'Water for Life Decade'.
  • The UN seeks to reduce by half, the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water by the year 2015.
  • "Water and Sanitation is one of the primary drivers of public health. I often refer to it as 'Health 101'..." Dr. LEE Jong-wook, Director-General, World Health Organization

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Fire Protection

Red Fire HydrantThe original reason for building community water systems wasn't to deliver safe drinking water - it was to fight fires!

A well-maintained water system is critical in protecting our communities from the ever present threat of fire.

  • In Halton, as in most communities, water flowing to fire hydrants and home faucets is transported by the same system of watermains, pumps and storage tanks.
  • A water system that provides reliable water at a high pressure and volume can be the difference between a manageable fire and a large scale fire.
  • The ability to provide water for fire protection heavily influences:
    • New home construction.
    • Business location decisions.
    • Insurance rates.

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Support for the Economy

A safe, reliable water supply is central to the economic success of a community.

  • Tap water is critical to the day-to-day operations of existing businesses and to the viability of new commercial enterprises or residential developments.
  • From food and beverages to toothpaste and perfumes, water is the primary ingredient in hundreds of thousands of everyday products.
  • Businesses must take into consideration the availability and quality of water when determining where to locate offices or manufacturing facilities. The availability of water resources and service therefore has a profound effect on job creation.
  • A scarcity of water resources can hold up multi-million dollar developments - commercial or residential.

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Quality of Life

Tap water is more than a convenience; it is central to our everyday lives.

  • Any measure of a successful society - low mortality rates, economic diversity, productivity, public safety - is in some way related to access to safe water.
  • Tap water is so intricately part of our lives that we can hardly imagine a day without it. Without tap water...
    • How would we rinse our produce, clean dishes and clothes, water plants and landscapes, wash our cars or fill swimming pools?
    • Where would we bathe or shower?
    • How many businesses would have to suspend operations or relocate entirely?
    • How would our institutions - from hospitals to firehouses to schools - function?

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