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Development Impacts on Roads

When development applications are reviewed, staff of Halton Region's Transportation Services identify any potential impacts to Regional and local road systems and determine whether a Traffic Impact Study is needed, in accordance with Regional Official Plan policies.

Transportation Impact Study Guidelines

The guidelines provided here are for consultants, working on behalf of a developer, while preparing a Traffic Impact Study. The Traffic Impact Study is then reviewed by Transportation Services in the development approval process.

Procedures for Development Related Construction on Regional Roads

These documents identify the process for planning, design, construction and inspection of intersection works that are required on Regional Roads as a result of new development.

Regional Road Access

Halton Region staff currently use the following resources in the review and approval of new and redevelopment access applications:

  • The Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Geometric Design Guide for Canadian Roads
  • Access Management Guideline (PDF file)
  • Site review of proposed access and evaluation of existing conditions including:
    • Sight lines
    • Operating speeds
    • Adjacent access locations
    • Collision history
    • Existing/future land uses

Noise Reduction in Developing Areas

The Halton Noise Attenuation Policy (PDF file) for Regional Roads was adopted by Regional Council on June 22, 2006 (through staff report CS-69-06).

Through ROPA 38, the Inter-Municipal Liaison Committee endorsed the Noise Abatement Guidelines (PDF file) and Separate Cover (PDF file) on June 18, 2014 (through IMLC01-14).