Halton Waste Management Site - Virtual Tour

The Halton Waste Management Site opened in 1992 with a life expectancy of 20 years or until the year 2012. Due to the tremendous efforts of Halton residents using their Blue Box, GreenCart and diverting waste, the landfill life is now projected to the year 2040.

If all the initiatives in the 2012-2016 Solid Waste Management Strategy are successfully implemented, the landfill life will extend an additional 4 years. Our landfill is a valuable resource worth protecting!

Watch the videos to learn all about how the Halton Waste Management Site was designed and how it is operated. These videos were filmed in 2012 to celebrate the site’s 20th anniversary.


The Halton Waste Management Site is Halton’s solution for the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), yard waste composting and the safe disposal of household hazardous garbage disposal.


Learn how vehicles are weighed so we know how much waste we are managing every day. Read more about fees.

Container Station

Learn how materials dropped off at the Container Station are reused and recycled. Read more about Container Station & Landfill Fees.

Household Hazardous Waste Depot, Paint & Stain Resue Depot, and Reuse Depot

Learn about the Household Hazardous Waste Depot, Paint & Stain Reuse Depot, and the Reuse Depot.

Yard Waste Composting

Learn how yard waste is composted into a nutrient rich, natural fertilizer. Read more about yard waste collection and the next Compost Give Away.

Transfer Station

Learn how Blue Box and GreenCart materials are brought to a transfer station before being shipped out for recycling and composting locally.


Learn how the Halton Waste Management Site's landfill was designed, how it is operated, and why there are no gulls flying around the site. Read the HWMS Activity Book, a wonderful resource for children  Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)1.3MB.

Landfill Gas Collection & Utilization System

Learn how the Halton Waste Management Site collects landfill gas like methane, and generates green energy.

Environmental Monitoring & Innovations

Learn how the Halton Waste Management Site monitors the local environment, and what innovations are in place to help protect our air, soil and water.