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Halton Prenatal Nutrition Program

Information for physicians about HPNP is available.

Pregnant woman standing against wall

What is the Halton Prenatal Nutrition Program (HPNP)?

  • The HPNP is a free year round program that hosts weekly sessions that discuss various topics.
  • HPNP aims to improve the health of moms and their babies.
  • Provides extra support to those facing challenging life circumstances.

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Who can attend these sessions?

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When/how can I start?

  • As soon as you know you’re pregnant.
  • New participants are always welcome and can attend anytime.
  • Attend weekly throughout your pregnancy and until your baby is 6 months old.
  • No pre-registration or health card is required.

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What support will I get through HPNP?

  • Enjoy a healthy meal in a friendly environment.
  • Meet new friends.
  • Learn about a healthy pregnancy.
  • Get parenting help.
  • Speak with a public health nurse and a registered dietitian.
  • Receive free vouchers and to access:
    • prenatal vitamins;
    • vitamin D; and,
    • Halton Fresh Food Box.
  • Receive transportation if needed.
  • Free child care available for children up to and including age of 4.

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Schedules, Times & Locations

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