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Energy Use

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Joules on Juice

Joules is a heavy electricity user. She is an energy hog. Find out how Joules learns to save energy and makes the change for clean air.

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Nick Goes Nowhere

Nick is addicted to his car. He drives everywhere. Find out how Nick breaks the habit and makes the change for clean air.

There are many energy reducing actions that you can take to help reduce air pollution and lessen climate change. These actions include things you can do at home and changes you can make in your transportation choices.

What can I do at home?

  • use compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • adjust your thermostat to reduce energy use
  • use energy efficient appliances and furnaces
  • turn off lights, TVs, and computers when not in use
  • upgrade the insulation in your home
  • get a home energy audit
  • consider renewable energy
  • conserve water
  • reduce, reuse, recycle
  • plant a tree

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What can I do on the road?

  • leave the car at home - walk, bike, take transit
  • carpool and consider car sharing networks
  • consider a hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle
  • turn your engine off while parked or waiting to pick someone up

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What can I do at work?

  • turn off office equipment including photocopiers, fax machines and printers when not in use
  • turn off lights in meeting rooms when not in use
  • consider teleworking (working from home)
  • reduce, reuse, recycle

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Did you know that the energy used to drive vehicles, power equipment, and heat homes is responsible for 75% of the greenhouse gases emitted in Canada?

Natural Resources Canada, 2004

Did you know that in Ontario alone, it is estimated that each year air pollution contributes to approximately 9,500 premature deaths.

Ontario Medical Association, 2008

Did you know that ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs can last up to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.

Natural Resources Canada, 2008

What can I do in my community?

If you live in an apartment or condo, encourage your resident's association or condo association to come up with ways to reduce energy use, such as:

  • replace washing machines with energy efficient ones
  • create a community garden or green roof
  • install motion sensored lighting in exercise rooms and hallways
  • buy green powered electricity
  • set up a carpool for the building

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What can I do in my school?

  • Start by registering your classroom by sending an email to Please include your name, contact information, number of students participating.
  • The 20/20 campaign will send you the materials you need to deliver the energy conservation curriculum and EcoSchools Program. Please review the Teachers Guide for support.
  • Encourage your school to sign-up with the Ontario EcoSchools External Link program.

Here’s how the EcoSchools program can help you:

  • Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education program for grades 1-12 that helps students develop ecological literacy while engaged in practices to become environmentally responsible citizens. It also helps schools and school boards improve their operations to reduce their environmental impacts.
  • The Ontario EcoSchools program includes climate change education materials and guides to help school boards "green" their facilities and operation practices.
  • This holistic program situates the curriculum within the whole school context - its classrooms, offices, staff rooms, boiler rooms and playgrounds.

Here’s how the 20/20 EcoSchools Planner can help you:

  • The 20/20 energy use message extends to the "energy conservation" component of EcoSchools into homes of students by inviting families to participate in the energy savings activities outlined in the 20/20 EcoSchools Planner.
  • The 20/20 EcoSchools Planner is a step-by-step guide, written at a Grade 5 reading level, that outlines activities for kids and their families to reduce home energy use and vehicle use by 20%.

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Order a free copy of The 20/20 Energy Planner

A guide to reducing energy use at home and on the road.

Fact: On average participants reduced their home energy use by 25% and vehicle use by 19% after taking the actions in the 20/20 Energy Planner! Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 690KB

What is the 20/20 Energy Planner?

The Halton Region Health Department is working with other health units across the Greater Toronto Area to bring you the 20/20 The Way to Clean Air campaign. This program is designed to provide residents with resources to help reduce home energy use and vehicle use by 20%.

Here’s how 20/20 The Way to Clean Air can help you:

The campaign offers a free 20/20 Energy Planner ( Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 690KB) - a practical step-by-step guide to reducing energy at home and on the road. The Planner helps you reach your 20% energy reduction goal with easy-to-do activities, then moving you into longer-term, greater cost savings actions. By participating in the 20/20 program, you will save energy dollars and have a chance to win some great prizes.

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