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Child's Play

For a fun way to teach your child about safety at home, check out the following link:

Recommended Reading – Children’s Books on Safety:

You can pick up any of these books at a book retailer or your local library.

  • No Dragons For Tea, Jean Pendziwol & Martine Gourbault, (Scholastic Canada 2001).
  • A Treasure at Sea for Dragon and Me: Water Safety For Kids, Jean Pendziwol, (Kids Can Press 2005).
  • Officer Buckle and Gloria, Peggy Rathmann, (GP Putnam & Son 1995).
  • Stop, Drop and Roll, Margery Cuyler, (Simon & Schuster 2001).
  • Dinosaurs Beware!, Marc Brown & Stephen Krensky, (Little Brown And Company 1982).
  • Franklin’s Bicycle Helmet, Paulette Bougois, (Kids Can Press 2000)
  • I Can Be Safe, Pat Thomas, (Barron's Educational Series 2003).