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2009 Budget & Business Plan

At its meeting on December 17, 2008 Halton Regional Council approved the 2009 Budget and Business Plan. The 2009 Budget, as amended, will result in a property tax increase of 1.7% for Regional Services and 3.4% for Police Services for a combined property tax increase of 2.2%. This represents an increase of approximately $14.15 for Regional Services and $14.46 for Police Services, for a combined tax impact of $28.61 for a typical household having a current value assessment of $300,000.

The 2009 Rate Supported Budget for water and wastewater services requires an increase of 6.7%. The typical household's annual water and wastewater will increase by approximately $48.51 assuming annual water consumption of 300 cubic metres.

The 2009 Approved Budget documents are set out below. 

Approved 2009 Budget and Business Plan