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About Water Purification

Halton Region delivers safe, high quality and cost-effective drinking water through Halton-owned and operated state of the art water purification plants. Halton is committed to the important responsibility of providing safe, clean drinking water.

Halton Water Purification Plant locations:

  • Acton, Prospect Park Well, 30 Park Avenue view map External Link
  • Acton, Davidson Wells, 14032 Churchill Road North       
  • Acton, Fourth Line Well, LOT 1 Erin Township
  • Burlington, Burlington WPP, 3249 Lakeshore Road view map External Link
  • Georgetown, Georgetown WPP, 241 Maple Avenue view map External Link
  • Georgetown, Lindsay Court Well, 3 Lindsay Court view map External Link
  • Georgetown, Princess Anne Wells, 15 Princess Anne Dr. view map External Link
  • Milton - Kelso Conservation Wells, Third Side Road
  • Milton, Walkers Line Wells, 7326 Walkers Line view map External Link
  • Milton, Campbellville Wells, 10 Glenda Jane Avenue view map External Link
  • Oakville, Oakville WPP, 21 Kerr Street view map External Link
  • Oakville, Burloak WPP, 3380 Rebecca Street