Photo of a garbage bag

Garbage is collected once every other week with a 3 bag/can limit.

  • More than 3 garbage bags/cans will require a garbage tag.
  • Up to a total of 6 garbage bags/cans (3 untagged, 3 tagged) can be placed curbside every other week.
  • Garbage bags must be no larger than 66 cm x 90 cm (26 inches x 36 inches) and must be properly closed. No oversized bags.
  • Garbage cans must be no larger than a standard container of 125 L (27 imperial gallons) (50 cm wide x 100 cm high (20 inches wide x 39 inches high)).
  • On garbage day, only regular household garbage placed into a standard garbage bag or standard container will be collected.
  • Bags and cans must be no heavier than 23 kg (50 lbs). Overweight bags/cans will not be collected. 

Acceptable Garbage Materials

Acceptable Garbage materials Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)580KB

Blue Box acceptable materials flyer is also available in: French Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 731KB,  Spanish Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 728KB, PolishAdobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 777KB, Punjabi Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 1MB, and Simplified Chinese Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) 981KB.