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Preparing for Adolescence

Becoming an adolescent can be a stressful time for children. During this period of change, parents are a key source of support for children. Both parents and children will benefit if spending time together is made a priority.

Key changes during adolescence

  • Physical and emotional changes arising from puberty
  • Social changes brought about by new roles, responsibilities and expectations
  • Intellectual changes due to the transition from concrete to abstract thinking

What to watch out for
Some youth cope in unhealthy ways to the stress and anxiety that occur during adolescence. If you notice any changes in your son/daughter as listed below, call us by dialing 311. We have qualified staff who can help answer your questions, or provide you with resources in the community.

  • Behaviour – avoiding or skipping school, disrupted eating or sleeping patterns
  • Social interaction – withdrawal from family and friends
  • Relationships – strained or troubled
  • Emotions – extreme mood swings, or feeling out of control
  • Attitudes and Beliefs – negative feelings and thoughts that situations will not improve
  • Academics – falling grades and loss of interest
  • Decision-making – struggle with daily decisions or choices
  • Problem-solving – difficulty coping with daily demands

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