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Greenlands Securement Strategy

Aerial photograph of green space in Halton Region.

In 2005, Regional Council adopted Regional Official Plan Amendment (ROPA) # 25, which included new Greenlands System protection policies and a corresponding land securement strategy as a long-range planning objective. Regional Council also authorized the Halton Green Fund to assist in funding land securement. After developing this program in consultation with various stakeholders and potential partners, the Halton Greenlands Securement Program (GSP) was endorsed by Regional Council for implementation in 2009.

The GSP was originally designed to educate conservation-minded landowners about the variety of long-term conservation options available to them. It also focused on bringing together land securement partners, funding partners and other available resources within the Region. The goal of the GSP is to work cooperatively with our partners to permanently secure conservation lands in the Greenlands System by keeping this land in public ownership.

For more information visit Greenlands Securement Strategy (PDF file) Greenlands Securement Strategy - Implementation Guidelines (PDF file) (the Guidelines).

The Greenlands Securement Strategy discusses options for protecting valuable green space in Halton for current and future generations and complements existing programs by conservation authorities and other agencies involved in land securement for permanent natural heritage protection.


The main goal of the GSP was to achieve the minimum recommended target of 12% of the region being under long-term protection – doubling the 6.3% of already publicly protected lands.

What type of land will be secured?

The GSP aims to help protect significant natural areas such as forests, streams and valleys in the following areas:

  • critical areas which are in danger of losing ecological functions or features, unless placed under public ownership or management;
  • areas that will significantly enhance the ecological functioning in parts of the natural heritage system;
  • essential linkages that will create a system of connected open space; and,
  • other areas that enhance Halton's overall environmental quality, including significantly disturbed areas that can only be rehabilitated properly under public ownership or management.

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Who are Halton's partners in the GSP?

Potential partners include conservation authorities and other agencies that have existing programs in land securement for permanent natural heritage protection, which compliments the GSP. Examples of potential partners who may choose to participate in the program may include:

  • conservation authorities and foundations;
  • local municipalities;
  • land trusts and non-governmental organizations (NGOs); and,
  • government agencies, departments and ministries.

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The Stakeholder Working Group (SWG)

The stakeholder working group includes staff from the Region and our partners. The SWG discusses and establishes priority areas and priority properties for securement.

The guidelines require this group to identify priority properties for land securement on an annual basis. Priority properties are those properties meeting eligibility criteria contained in the Implementation Guidelines that Halton partners will target for potential securement.

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Implementation Guidelines

The guidelines are intended to guide implementation of the strategy and specify requirements for accessing the Halton Green Fund for securement purposes. The guidelines include definitions used as part of the program, together with the program’s background and a discussion around targeting priority properties. They also provide landowner contact and education recommendations, outline the application process itself, specify funding eligibility criteria, and outline the protocols and standards that Halton will follow to review properties identified for securement.

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Halton Green Fund

To support the Greenland Security Strategy, Halton Region has established the Halton Green Fund, which will be used to support the enhancement of environmental quality in Halton. Projects eligible for funding under the Halton Green Fund may include:

  • regional waterfront park developments;
  • green pilot projects;
  • stewardship programs; and,
  • land acquisitions under the GSS.

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How Land Owners Can Get Involved

The Region is developing a strategic landowner education and awareness program that includes proactive landowner contact, as well as organized landowner workshops. Other options for landowners may include:

  • land donation;
  • life interest;
  • spilt receipt;
  • conservation severance;
  • bequest; and,
  • conservation agreements.

Interested landowners in Halton region are encouraged to contact the conservation authority in their area to discuss any of the land conservation options listed above.

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Halton Partners Application Process

Download the application forms below.

  • GSS Application Part 1 - Application Form (Word file)
  • GSS Application Part 2 - Budget (Excel file)
  • Environmental Inspection Form (Word file)
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    Contact Information

    For more information on the GSP, contact:

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