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Helping Your Child Build Friendships

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Children, who learn to listen, share their thoughts and understand how their words and actions affect others, are more likely to develop healthy and meaningful friendships.

The way parents connect and build meaningful relationships with their children influences how children make and maintain friendships. Role modeling positive friendship qualities, talking to your child about the qualities of a good friend and supporting your child as they navigate building and maintaining friendships will help your child foster positive friendships and be a good friend themselves.

Qualities of a healthy friendship:

  • Spend time together but not all the time. Time alone or with others is good too!
  • Respect each other’s differences.
  • Share ideas, thoughts and opinions in a tactful, truthful way.
  • Talk to each other about your feelings.
  • Do not pass along private information shared by your friend.
  • Defend your friend, stick up for them.
  • Smile, have fun - that is what friends do!

Role model friendly behaviours for your child by:

  • Giving compliments
  • Celebrating important events
  • Supporting them through challenges
  • Being respectful when sharing ideas and thoughts
  • Listening
  • Being reliable
  • Being dependable
  • Not using put downs
  • Not bragging

To have friends means you must also be a friend.