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Responsibilities of a Coordinator

As the co-ordinator of a special event, you need to ensure the following activities are carried out:

  • Submit the following at least 8 weeks before the event:
    • Co-ordinator’s Application
    • Vendor Registration List and Site Plan 
  • Ensure vendors submit the following at least 4 weeks before the event:
    • Food Vendor’s Application
    • Proposed food menu
  • If applicable, ensure operators of animal attractions submit the following at least 4 weeks before the event:
    • Animal Exhibit Application
  • If the water supply for the event is from a private source, i.e. well or cistern, it is necessary that the supply is proven to be safe by providing a water sample.
    • All water samples must be taken by a Public Health Inspector. Contact Halton Region to set up an appointment for samples to be taken.
  • Submissions are accepted through:

A Public Health Inspector will be reviewing all applications and will follow up with you prior to the event, to confirm if your event has been approved. If you would like to speak with someone about your application or for more information, please contact the Halton Region Health Department.

Addition Help from the Health Department