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Food Storage Temperatures for Food Vendors at Special Events

  • Cold Holding 
    • 4°C (or lower) 
    • 40°F (or lower)
  • Hot Holding 
    • 60°C (or higher) 
    • 140°F (or higher)
Cooking/Reheating Temperatures
Image Food Type Degrees in Celcius Degrees in Farenheit
Whole Poultry Whole Poultry
(chicken, turkey)
82oC 180oF
Poultry Pieces Poultry Pieces or Ground Poultry 74oC 165oF
Hazardous Food Mixtures Hazardous Food Mixtures 74oC 165oF
Ground Meats Ground Meats (beef, pork, lamb) 71oC 160oF
Pork Pork & Pork Products 71oC 160oF
Fish Fish 70oC 158oF

Use a probe thermometer to check cooking temperature.