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Safe Water Supply at Special Events

If the water supply for the event is from a private source, i.e. well or cistern, it is necessary that the supply is proven to be safe by providing a water sample. 

  • All water samples must be taken by a Public Health Inspector. Contact Halton Region to set up an appointment for samples to be taken.

Why do I need to prove the water supply is safe?

There are a number of organisms which can be transmitted through water, including bacteria, viruses and parasites. These organisms have the potential to make people sick.  It is necessary to ensure the water is safe when used to prepare food, drinks, for hand washing and for cleaning food contact equipment.

Cistern supplied with municipally delivered water

  • One water sample taken to determine whether supply is safe.
  • A cistern which is used to collect rain water is not to be used as a water supply.

Treated or Untreated Well

  • 3 consecutive samples, taken 1-3 weeks apart are needed to determine the stability of the water supply.

For general information on water testing and water results, please contact the Halton Region Health Department or visit the well water web page