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Food Safety Management at Special Events

  • Use separate work tables or surfaces for the preparation of raw foods and ready-to-eat foods so as to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Use utensils (e.g. tongs, ladles, forks, spoons) to handle foods. Napkins or disposable wrappings can be used to handle dry goods like pastries and donuts.
  • Keep foods (including ingredients) separate from one another and have a full ingredient list available for each food for review by the Public Health Inspector or customers. This will satisfy labelling requirements and assist in dealing with allergy issues.
  • An accurate probe thermometer is required to check cold holding, hot holding and cooking temperatures.
  • Transport hot & cold foods quickly from place to place. Use thermal insulated containers with cold or hot packs to maintain minimum required temperatures.
  • If foods are brought to the event cold and are to be served hot, the food must be reheated properly first before placing in hot holding equipment like chafing dishes. 
  • Foods are to be protected and secured during transportation, storage and display. 
    • The use of wraps, foil, lids or other similar food grade material can to be used to protect foods from dust, dirt, pests or foreign objects.
    • Keep all foods and food supplies stored in a secured area such as your booth or vehicle.
  • Food must be stored in their original containers or in food grade containers.  Cardboard boxes, garbage bags, reused plastic buckets or pails are not acceptable.
  • Food shall not be stored directly on the floor or ground.  It must be stored at least 15 cm (6 inches) off the ground.
  • It is recommended to discard leftovers daily instead of cooling foods for the next day.  If you are cooling foods, they should be cooled to 4°C (or lower) within 6 hours or less. 
  • Do not mix old food with new food when replenishing service pans or chafing dishes.
  • Keep your food products safe and secure. For example, keep storage bins or trucks locked.

Cooler filled with ice and bagged meat