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Suggested Actions - Community Involvement

The following is a synopsis of the discussions of the communication and information working group at the Age- Friendly Forum June 2011. The actions below may be initiated by any level of government, community group or individual. 

Improve promotion of resources/activities/events to motivate seniors to be active in the community

  • The biggest barrier to community involvement is that many seniors are not aware of the many groups, activities and events that exist in Halton
  • Seniors’ shows/columns can highlight community events and what Seniors Centres are doing
  • Put notices up about seniors’ events or information in pharmacies and grocery stores or include with the hydro bill. Write notices that are easy to understand.
  • The Seniors’ Directory is an important source of information. It needs to be kept up to date and circulated more widely (e.g., doctor’s offices, labs, Meals on Wheels, hospitals, Seniors Centres, etc.) in order to reach the less active senior.

Ask Councillors to help promote information in the community

  • Seniors’ groups could request help from Regional and Town Councillors to distribute and promote information at workshops and on Councillor websites. 
  • Councillors can help people become knowledgeable and more engaged in civic participation. 
  • This could also help to keep Councillors aware of seniors’ needs and issues.

Work to implement age friendly solutions in Halton at a local level.

  • Seniors are a formidable voting group that can provide input on Council decisions. 
  • Seniors in the community can mobilize resources to build an organizational base and keep the age-friendly work going.

Reach seniors who are isolated

  • Sometimes seniors need help but don’t have family nearby or connections to the system. 
  • There are great examples of outreach already happening in Halton. The Acton Seniors Centre works with Links2Care to reach isolated seniors. Faith Groups interact with seniors. Could other agencies do more or connect with others to reach isolated seniors? 
  • Some communities are thinking about revitalizing neighbourhood associations and reviving the “Welcome Wagon”. 
  • It could be helpful to link people up with similar problems or issues (informal inkages/mentoring).
  •  “We have quite a few (Seniors Centre) members who are caregivers and they can’t get out to the centre when they would like to.” 
  • Advocate for discharge planning that emphasizes spending time in the community with seniors. “We don’t want people just sitting in their chairs. We want them out there and participating.”

Explore opportunities to access private facilities for activities

  • Many activity/exercise rooms in apartment buildings are not used regularly
  • Community groups should connect with building management to find out about opportunities to use these rooms for meetings, activities and events etc. (could be free or for a small fee). “Why not use what’s there.”