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Suggested Actions - Communications

The following is a synopsis of the discussions of the communication and information working group at the Age- Friendly Forum June 2011. The actions below may be initiated by any level of government, community group or individual.

Use Town/Region properties and assets for advertising

  • Advertisements could be placed on Region/Town vehicles and properties. (E.g. put 211/311 on every Regional/Town vehicle) to get messages out across the region. The vehicles and buildings are already paid for so the cost of advertising may be minimal.

Ask about discount rates for internet, cell phone, cable/satellite

  • Access to newer technology is often inaccessible for seniors on fixed incomes. The cost is expensive. Do any local service providers offer a seniors discount? If yes, who? One participant said “I’m going to work on that.”

Connect with local satellite/cable providers to ask that local channels be included as part of their channel line-up

  • Subscribers can encourage cable TV and satellite providers to offer local channels which are important sources of seniors’ information.

Contact Cogeco about the font size used on their public announcements

  • Ask Cogeco to increase the font size on their scrolling announcements so that it is legible for seniors.

Develop a strategy to ensure print resources are available to those who want them

  • There are people who do not have access to the internet that rely on print information (e.g., directory, newspapers). With an increased focus on online resources, how do we ensure that those who require print resources will still have access to them? Some newspapers are not being delivered into apartment buildings and to some rural areas.
  • The Halton Non-Profit Network (a network of non-profit agencies) meets regularly to share information and work on common issues. They could develop a strategy to ensure that people have access to print information. Promote the Halton Non-Profit Network in the community so more people have an opportunity to participate in this group. A print strategy could be a starting point for other ideas that could improve access to information in Halton.

Make information accessible from many locations

  • The use of electronic media is increasing. There were more than four million searches using the Halton Information Providers community services database last year. The community services database is free to use and easy to access.
  • Provide seniors with access to technology and opportunities to learn how to use it.
  • Explore online opportunities for distribution of the Halton Seniors’ Directory (and other publications). One idea is to set-up a web page that people could visit to access the publications and to sign up for e-alerts (electronic alerts when updates are made to the directory and other publications created by the Elder Services Advisory Committee (ESAC).